I have been boarding my dogs for 7-8 years. When I make plans, I hold my breath until I call Kathy to see if she has open space for my dogs. If she doesn't, I cancel my plans because I won't leave my dogs at any other kennel. I know she will take the best care of them. She does extras-their toenails, medicine if they need it, and exercise. She can detect if something is wrong and will take them to the vet, and her loving voice and the way she has with the animals is so important to me.

Theresa Vincelette

Chittenango, NY

I highly recommend Country Hound Kennels for anyone whose furry friend can't travel along. Darby Gill has been boarding there since 1986 and we are both very pleased with the accommodations.

I know he gets excellent care because of Kathy's obvious love of animals. She is active in animal rights organizations, sponsors obedience classes, and has been a wildlife rehabilitator. Also, Darby is as glad to see her, when he gets there, as his is to see me, when I pick him up. For me, that's the best reassurance I can get.

Kathleen M. Brandt

I am a customer of Country Hound Kennels and have been using the services of this kennel for the past 8 years. The quality of care has been provided for my dog, in my absence has been exceptional and I recommend this service to friends with animals to board.

When I travel as I do on a frequent basis, I leave knowing my dog is cared for in the best possible manner. I feel that she is safe and nurtured in my absence and this is very important to me.

Shirley Peyton

Onieda, NY

My husband and I will be out of town for the holidays. It is such a relief to the both of us knowing that our 2 dogs will be taken care of when they come and stay at your "camp". I know that they are safe and secure. I would never feel comfortable leaving them with anyone else.

I am so glad that you are there when we need you. My dogs mean very much to me, and I am glad that you love them too. I highly recommend you to my friends and neighbors. I am so glad your service is available to us.

Marianne Lazor

Oneida, NY

I first became associated with Kathy, 8 1/2 years ago, when I brought my puppy to Kathy's for obedience training. Since then, I have returned to board my dog when we go on various trips and vacations.

Although there are other kennels in the area, I will only take my Sam to Country Hound Kennels because of the high standards kept there. Kathy maintains up to date medical records of each dog and all animals must be strictly up to date on all immunizations. The kennels are kept immaculately clean and most of all, I know that my dog will be properly taken care of because of Kathy's love, and caring for animals.

Sandra Britton

Oneida, NY