When can I visit the kennel?

Kennel Tours are conducted on Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10AM to noon and 4pm to 6pm if the kennel is not full to assure that our guests do not become stressed and that they remain comfortable during their stay here. Our guests are our priority.

What kind of care will my pet receive?

Our pets are a part of our family (our babies) as your pet will be during his or her vacation with us. Your pet will receive lots of "TLC"!

Do I need to bring my own dishes and blankets?

No, we supply sanitized stainless steel dishes and comfort rugs. If you bring yours, there is a laundry fee.

Should I bring my pet's own food?

You can, most pets do best with their own food. Especially if your pet is on a special diet or if your pet has a sensitive stomach with a change of food, please do bring your own food. Note: Often, older pets do better on their own food.

What about medications?

Administration of medications is not a problem. If your pet is on medication, please bring it in it's original prescription bottle, labeled correctly with proper dosage directions. Fee for this service is $1.00 a day.

What about my pet's toys?

Bring them! It will give them something familiar to play with and remind them of you. We also have pet supplies and toys available for purchase in our shop. ** No Rawhide or animal body parts (ears, hoof, etc.) are permitted. ** These are not safe chew toys.

Can I pick up my pet outside of business hours?

Not usually. Of course, emergency situations always require special consideration. However, you should make every effort to pick up your pet at the appointment time Note: There is a $50.00/Holidays $75.00 fee for off hours pick up or drop off.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

Call to notify us as soon as you can. 24 hour notice is requested, if possible.

Can you supply references?

Please refer to our Testimonials page for letters from many of our satisfied customers. Other references available upon request

What are the directions to get there?

Siblings at play!